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Organized Chaos







I kept having this problem where no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find my favorite lipstick or blush for the life of me. I swore I put it in it’s usual place but it’s like once I had the desire to go and use it, it was lost to the world! Well, I decided I was sick of my cosmetics playing hide and seek with me, so I did something about it!

I purchased all of these clear acrylic cases at The Container Store, mixing and matching what worked for me with the limited space I had. This is quite probably the best organization tool I have ever come across. No joke. I always know exactly where everything is now because the clear acrylic containers let me find what I want in the matter of seconds. If your’re interested in these containers but don’t have the income, I highly suggest you start with the lipstick organizer and then expand your collection from there. Basically, the lipstick organizers are bomb and you will be hooked! Don’t blame me… or do because this, my friends, will make your life a whole lot easier.

Also, I simply had to have this mirror! The sensor is motion activated so it’s hands free all while looking simple and sleek, my favorite!



Floral & Leather

IMG_1487 IMG_1461 IMG_1440 IMG_1459 IMG_1444 IMG_1484 IMG_1455 IMG_1442 IMG_1471 IMG_1474 IMG_1453 IMG_1496 IMG_1490 IMG_1477 IMG_1448 IMG_1497 Top: Bailey 44 (similar) | Skirt: Hinge (similar) | Sandals: Dolce Vita (similar) | Sunnies: Céline (similar) | Necklace: Kate Spade (on sale!) | Earrings: Nadri (on sale!) (similar) | Watch: Michael Kors | Bangle: Michael Kors | Rings: Gifted, Ariella Collection (similar) | Sunnies Pouch: Rebecca Minkoff (similar)

We took these pictures at the lovely La Jolla Shores Hotel. My husband and I stayed there with another couple a week after my sibling California trip! Two California trips in less than 2 weeks? Why not? I absolutely love California!

This floral print skirt is so good. It goes with just about everything, and I’ve worn it with just about everything. Black tops, colored tops, army boots, a leather jacket… It’s basically is a neutral in my closet. On this occasion, though, I paired it with this white faux leather Bailey 44 top and leather Dolce Vita sandals. To accessorize, I added a touch of gold toned jewelry and these beautiful Céline sunnies with the perfect pouch to protect them in made by Rebecca Minkoff!

Like I said in my previous post, beach trips just make me strictly pack bright clothing. This California trip was no different and I’m not ashamed. I think neutrals are nice, blacks are a necessity and whites are essential, but colors add personality. And I definitely am not short in that department!

Hope you enjoyed my La Jolla look!



Be Dazzling











Skirt: Alice + Olivia (similar) |Blouse: Lush (similar) | Shoes: Steve Madden (love these!) | iPad sleeve/used as clutch: Kate Spade (similar) | Necklace: Kate Spade (on sale!) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bracelets: Nadri (on sale!), Kate Spade (similar) | Lipstick: Too Faced “Melted Fuchsia,” Liner: MAC “Shock Value

Peplums aren’t anything new. In fact, they’ve been around for a while but I’m not mad about it! Whether on your shirt or skirt this extra ruffle of fabric is your best friend. It hides problem areas and adds the illusion of curves. I couldn’t resist this skirt; it’s the perfect shade of pink!

Want to know a secret? This clutch isn’t actually a clutch. It’s an iPad case for my non-existent iPad. But whatever, I don’t even care because it’s rose gold and has the most adorable saying on it. So what if I didn’t use it for it’s intended purpose? I like the idea of versatility and rules are meant to be broken, especially those pertaining to fashion.

You may also find I tend to wear ALOT of Kate Spade. Literally her stuff rocks my socks off. She knows how to do uber girly like no one else and I can dig it. Very much. Also, do yourself a favor and purchase a TOO FACED MELTED LIPSTICK on your next Sephora run because they’re basically not basic. They’re what they’re cracked up to be: long wearing and easy to apply in hues I die for. In fact, I’m currently contemplating getting Violet and Blood Red because I just adore them so!



Pom Poms

IMG_0344 IMG_0353 IMG_0421 IMG_0413 IMG_0377 IMG_0362 IMG_0352 IMG_0355 IMG_0417 Cover- Up: Victoria’s Secret (similar) | Swimsuit: Becca by Rebecca Virtue (love this) | Sunglasses: Wildfox (sold out) (similar) | Sandals: Dolce Vita (similar) | Hat: Forever 21 (similar) | Towel: Urban Outfitters (on sale!)

Coronado Island is my happy place. It’s by far the best beach I’ve ever set foot on. The sand is a soft, gold glitter and the beach is huge! Plus, you have the perfect view of Hotel Del Coronado right behind you. I stayed there with my husband two years ago and we loved it so I’m so glad I was able to come back and visit on this sibling trip!

I am so obsessed with this cute little cover up! The tropical print, silk fabric, precious ruffles, oh yes! But my favorite part is the hot pink pom-poms on the high-waist tap shorts! They’re so cute and dainty. Unfortunately, the set is sold out at Victoria’s Secret but a lot of Etsy shops seem to have similar tap shorts for sale!

You can’t really see my swimsuit in this picture, but it’s crochet, hot pink and neon orange, a.k.a. my favorite combo. I find I only pack my most colorful clothes for vacations by the beach. I guess it reflects my mood while I’m there, sunny and bright.

I have three pairs of these DV by Dolce Vita sandals. They are just sooo good! The gold hardware makes them look luxe, plus they’re comfortable!

Hope you liked my beach style!



Pops of Mint

IMG_0457 IMG_0451 IMG_0476 IMG_0454 IMG_0465 IMG_0480 IMG_0449 IMG_0563 IMG_0502 IMG_0473 IMG_0489 IMG_0474 IMG_0572

The fairies came out to play with me in this last photo!

IMG_0490 Jumpsuit: Olive & Oak (similar)| Heels: Jeffrey Campbell (similar) | Sunnies: Wildfox (obsessed) | Necklaces: “starfish” Juicy Couture, “dream” Ariella Collection, “unicorn” Dogeard | Watch: Micheal Kors | Starfish Cuff: Windsor (similar) | Rings: Gifted | Earrings: Towne & Reese

We took these pictures in San Diego about three weeks ago and I’m just posting them now. I’ve been really busy with class this week and looking at these pictures are making me have withdrawals. Bad. I love Arizona, don’t get me wrong, but I am happiest near the ocean. The salty air, the ocean breeze, the way your skin and hair soak up the moisture. Or maybe it’s just perma-parched from the scorching desert heat… I feel such a sense of calm just knowing I am close to it. I want to move there one day, but I know I would miss Arizona and it’s familiarity.

I love jumpsuits. I love rompers. I love skorts. Does anyone else remember those? I’m pretty sure they are in the jumpsuit and romper family, and if they’re not, they should be. They should make a comeback because seriously, what’s more convenient than having shorts permanently attached to the inside of your skirt. You don’t have to stress about flashing anyone. You can open the button on the side and “SURPRISE!” there’s really shorts underneath no need to worry guys. I know you thought you were going to see my underwear but nope, shorts to the rescue! And then everyone erupts into complete and utter chaos. Yep. That’s probably why they went extinct because there was pandemonium every time someone wore them.

Uhm… anyway. I was not expecting to go off on a tangent about skorts. Sorry guys. Weird day, huh?

I know I said earlier that pink is my favorite color. But mint is constantly playing a tug of war with pink in my brain. Surprisingly, I have more of a mint colored scheme going on in my closet than pink. I guess I feel too “Barbie” when I wear a ton of pink. Or people think I’m trying to be Legally Blonde or something. I adore Barbie and Elle Woods, obviously. But it can be total overkill if I wear it too often.

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