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Mad For Plaid

img_1481 img_1479 a img_1477


Sunnies | Top | Poncho (SOLD OUT) similar here & here | Jeans (SOLD OUT) similar here & here | Tote (SOLD OUT) similar here, here & here | Lips: MAC “Brave” + Liner: MAC “Whirl” | Nails: O.P.I. “Alpine Snow” | Necklace (& similar here) | Earrings (similar) | Rings: Thrifted, James MichelleBoots

Well well well, look who decided to show up! Me! I’m referring to myself in the third person. And yes, it’s almost been two whole years since my last blog post, so to sum it up really quickly let’s just say a LOT has happened since January 30, 2016! But I saw this draft just sitting there, pictures all taken, edited, just waiting for some copy to be added to its lonely little self. So, I obliged because I have some free time now… which is another story for another time! Onto the outfit: Clearly most of these items above are sold out since it’s been so long since I took these photos in Sedona! Don’t you fret, though, because I did a little digging and found similar styles, if not nearly exact! So in the words of Maui from Moana, You’re Welcome!



All About That Fringe

IMG_1432 IMG_1429 IMG_1418 IMG_1450 IMG_1386 IMG_1385 IMG_1423 IMG_1406 IMG_1427 IMG_1411 Dress: GLAMOROUS | Jacket: SAY WHAT? (similar) | Flower Crown: NORDSTROM (similar) | Sunnies: WILDFOX | Tote: STREET LEVEL | Sandals: FREE PEOPLE | Necklaces: KRIS NATIONS | Bracelets: EMILY MAENAD (similar) | Ring: TOWNE & REESE | iPhone Case: SONIX | Lips: MAC “BRAVE” + Liner: MAC “WHIRL” | Nails: O.P.I. “ALPINE SNOW

So, I know it’s been a while since I last posted, sorry about that! Things have been really busy with work and life in general. Also, my camera is currently broken and it’s going to cost over $200 to fix, so there’s that. Anyway, here are more photos from our quick day trip to Sedona! I wish we could have spent more time there, it’s such gorgeous, scenic place! I was definitely feeling the boho vibes for this outfit! I’m loving anything fringe, tasseled, lace-up and this folk print dress went perfectly! Plus, it’s on sale for only $34 right now, such a great find!



Rainbow Boho

IMG_1563 IMG_1559 IMG_1557 IMG_1545 IMG_1581 IMG_1594 IMG_1572 IMG_1576 IMG_1546 Dress: MINKPINK (℅) (& on sale here!) | Kimono: MINKPINK (℅) | Sunnies: Wildfox (love these) | Earrings: Kris Nations (℅) (similar) | Necklace: Blee Inara (similar) | Bracelet: Etsy, Alex & Ani (similar) | Sandals: Steve Madden (OBSESSED!) | Clutch: Skinnydip (similar) | iPhone Case: Sonix (love this, this & this!) | Lips: MAC “Velvet Teddy” + Liner: MAC “Boldly Bare” | Nails: OPI “Alpine Snow

These pictures were from when Krystal, my husband and I took a little day trip up to Sedona. I had never been before so I was itching to go! However, I wouldn’t recommend a day trip because one: It’s so gorgeous you need more than a day to soak up it’s beauty, and two: I am apparently very sensitive to altitude adjustments and because it is 4,500 feet above sea level, driving up and down in less than 24 hours plus add on that I get extremely motion sick was not the best combination for me. I also made the mistake of not taking Dramamine because I didn’t want to be drowsy during such a short trip and I figured I would be okay if I sat in the front seat and had my mind off of it since it was supposed to be a short drive. But we made the mistake of going when there was a Dia De Los Muertos parade going on, so instead of taking 2.5 hours each way, it took around 3.5 on the way up and almost 5 on the way back. (!) I was suffering from the side affects of altitude/motion sickness for the rest of the week, it was brutal. Is anyone else sensitive to motion/altitude like I am? I get sick in the car, on planes, on cruises, at carnivals, basically anything that is moving while I’m on it. Ugh, I’m getting dizzy right now just thinking about it! Time to change the subject!

Pastels in fall are so underrated! Sometimes we get stuck in the seasonal color rut of burgundy, camel, black, navy, olive, repeat… But I like to keep things interesting and throw other shades into my rotation. Plus, dressing like it’s fall when it’s still 80 degrees in Arizona isn’t the most practical thing anyway! Mint green, light pink and purple are some of my favorite color combos, and I love wearing them in the autumn! In fact, I have on my favorite milky white/baby pink nail polish, OPI’s “Mod About You” right now. Die for this color. P.S. is this not the perfect stocking stuffer? I mean, I think I need it for myself! I’m currently obsessing over all the cute phone cases since I recently upgraded to the rose gold (!) iPhone 6s Plus. The first thing I bought before my iPhone even arrived in the mail was this iPhone case by Sonix! They make some of the most darling phone cases, and they are surprisingly durable considering how inexpensive they are! Anyway, I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! I had lots of pumpkin pie and a 4 day weekend, ’twas glorious!



Red Rocks

IMG_1387 IMG_1391 IMG_1376 IMG_1395 IMG_1379 Top: Theory (love this) | Blazer: Truth & Pride (want this one) | Jeans: rag & bone | Shoes: Frye | Bag: Streetlevel | Sunnies: Quay | Arm Candy: Kate Spade (loving these ones here & here)

My sister and I, along with her husband, went up to Sedona for the day a few weekends ago.  Can you believe I have lived in Arizona all my life and have never experienced the beauty that is Sedona? I can’t either. It was such a quick trip that I think an overnight stay would be the best way to experience this beautiful town. It really is amazing, the red rocks are unbelievable and everywhere you turn there is an amazing view you can look at and trail you can take. I can’t wait to go back!



Golden Hour

IMG_1241 IMG_1231 IMG_1238 IMG_1223 IMG_1211 IMG_1206 IMG_1205 IMG_1243 IMG_1185 Top: Haute Hippie (similar) | Skirt: MINKPINK (℅) (similar) | Boots: Frye | Head Chain: Etsy | Bag: Clare V. | Earrings: Kris Nations (℅), Nordstrom | Necklaces: Kris Nations, Stella & Dot, Marcia Moran (similar) | Watch: Michael Kors | Hand Chain: Kitsch (℅) | Bracelets: Stella & Dot, Stella & Dot, Michael Kors (similar) | Lips: MAC “Velvet Teddy” + Liner: MAC “Boldy Bare” | Nails: OPI “Alpine Snow

How was everyone’s Halloween? My husband, Yorkie and I threw some last minute costumes together and headed over to my parents’ house for homemade chili, rolls and sugar cookies! We got to see all the siblings and nieces and nephews dressed up, and then we all went trick-or-treating! It’s a tradition that I always look forward to.

A few weeks ago, Krystal and I took a drive out to the Superstition Mountains. As we took in the sprawling view of the surrounding mountain and the only word that came to my mind was “majestic.” I stood there in awe and wonder, as the sunset, painted in myriad of hues, splashed across the sky. It was completely breathtaking. Being surrounded by something so massive made me introspective. I realized the only other thing that can trump that feeling is standing next to the ocean. I’ve always loved the beach, and in the past if I you had asked me to choose a cabin over a beach house, it would hands down be a beach house. After all, going up north was boring! There was simply nothing to do in those small towns, no cell reception, no shopping and the quietness was just plain eery. But as I grew older, I found the peace and serenity that came with being remote and unplugged was something I craved. It would be a dream to be able to afford one, let alone both. But crazier things than dreams have come true, so maybe one day mine will too. 🙂

So thanks, Superstition Mountains, for being a beacon of inspiration that day. A visit to see you sparked my desire to embark on a trip to soak up the beauty of Sedona. Photos coming soon!