Pops of Mint

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The fairies came out to play with me in this last photo!

IMG_0490 Jumpsuit: Olive & Oak (similar)| Heels: Jeffrey Campbell (similar) | Sunnies: Wildfox (obsessed) | Necklaces: “starfish” Juicy Couture, “dream” Ariella Collection, “unicorn” Dogeard | Watch: Micheal Kors | Starfish Cuff: Windsor (similar) | Rings: Gifted | Earrings: Towne & Reese

We took these pictures in San Diego about three weeks ago and I’m just posting them now. I’ve been really busy with class this week and looking at these pictures are making me have withdrawals. Bad. I love Arizona, don’t get me wrong, but I am happiest near the ocean. The salty air, the ocean breeze, the way your skin and hair soak up the moisture. Or maybe it’s just perma-parched from the scorching desert heat… I feel such a sense of calm just knowing I am close to it. I want to move there one day, but I know I would miss Arizona and it’s familiarity.

I love jumpsuits. I love rompers. I love skorts. Does anyone else remember those? I’m pretty sure they are in the jumpsuit and romper family, and if they’re not, they should be. They should make a comeback because seriously, what’s more convenient than having shorts permanently attached to the inside of your skirt. You don’t have to stress about flashing anyone. You can open the button on the side and “SURPRISE!” there’s really shorts underneath no need to worry guys. I know you thought you were going to see my underwear but nope, shorts to the rescue! And then everyone erupts into complete and utter chaos. Yep. That’s probably why they went extinct because there was pandemonium every time someone wore them.

Uhm… anyway. I was not expecting to go off on a tangent about skorts. Sorry guys. Weird day, huh?

I know I said earlier that pink is my favorite color. But mint is constantly playing a tug of war with pink in my brain. Surprisingly, I have more of a mint colored scheme going on in my closet than pink. I guess I feel too “Barbie” when I wear a ton of pink. Or people think I’m trying to be Legally Blonde or something. I adore Barbie and Elle Woods, obviously. But it can be total overkill if I wear it too often.

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