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Today is officially the last day of summer for me since I am going to be starting a new job tomorrow! I’m going to be working for Shop Priceless, and I’m eager to begin working somewhere that I can explore my creative side with fashion while also continuing to pursue my passion for writing!

On another note, my AKC Yorkshire terrier, Lola, (featured as my valentine here) is currently pregnant with three puppies! We bred her with another handsome yorkie back in June and she is 59 days pregnant, so she’s going to have them any day now! My husband, Todd, is going to work from home so someone is there just in case she has them during the day, but I’m praying she has them when I come home from work because I want to be a part of it! I’m pumped because this will be my first time witnessing an animal of any kind giving birth! I have always wanted to breed puppies since I was little and envied my friends who had litters of puppies at their house that they could play with and help raise! I think it is going to be such a rewarding experience, and I hope I can find owners who are ready to receive the same type of unconditional love and affection from the puppies that my little yorkie has shown me these past two years! I am 100% a crazy dog lady, and proud of it!



4 thoughts on “Nope”

  1. Ok..first those buns..I want to eat them both for breakfast…and 90s on point!! Good luck on your first day back…and I need the NACHO FRIEND shirt…so I can wear it

    1. Haha they needed to be a little tighter but they fell because my hair was too heavy! I’m glad you like! And I know isn’t that shirt the cutest?

  2. I just found an Artesanias Lillo purse at a thrift store and can’t find any internet source on it. I see you couldn’t either, LOL. Is it just a little boutique somewhere? Gorgeous pictures, Desert Mermaid. 😉

    1. Isabelle, that’s so funny. I found it at a second-hand store as well and unfortunately wasn’t able to locate it anywhere online for anyone else that may want to get one! I guess we just got lucky! 😉 And thanks for your sweet compliment & for visiting! 🙂

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