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IMG_0255 Diet Coke Clutch: (available here) | Skinnydip Coin Purse: (similar here) | Natasha Couture Clutch: (available here, similar here) | Temple Print, Mermaid Print & Cacti Print: RARDesign

Isn’t it fabulous to have talented friends? My friend, Rea Rowles, custom-made these darling gold-foiled prints for me and I can’t wait to hang them up. I already have a place for them in my pretend home-office which will be decorated girly and glamorous and there’s nothing my manly husband can do about it. She has a variety of prints to choose from in her Etsy shop, like this one of the Arizona temple, and can foil them in gold, rose gold or mint green and cut them to fit your frame too! I wanted a cacti print foiled in rose gold, and she came up with the print above and it turned out exactly how I wanted! And of course I wanted something mermaid-y, so she found this majestic design and foiled it gold and it’s absolutely perfect! She’s essentially a magical artist who can make your wildest creative dreams come true. Check out her shop, RARDesign, or text/call her at 480-208-2044, to get your own foiled prints and tell her Justine from The Desert Mermaids sent you.

Speaking of mermaids, I saw this seashell coin purse from Skinnydip while browsing Nordstrom, and my inner mermaid squealed with glee. Then I saw Marina Diamandis (whose name is the coolest I’ve encountered on planet Earth) from Marina & the Diamonds had it on in her Instagram and I clicked as quickly as my fingers could go to get this baby in my shopping cart. Good thing because it sold out immediately after just about everywhere! But I did find this one at ASOS, which is equally as adorable and a cross body! And how cute is this iPhone case from the same brand?

So I’ve given up Diet Coke, and no it’s not for Lent. I’m trying to cut out all soda from my diet for the umpteenth time. I figured it’s probably not normal to know what my stomach will look like four months with child, but thanks to bloating caused by carbonation, I do. I chalked it up as my body’s way of telling me it’s time to say sayonara to the can of diabetes. But why must things taste so good when they are so bad? In order to ween me off the caffeine withdrawals, I’m just going to buy all of the Diet Coke/Coca Cola memorabilia I can. Just because I can’t drink it, doesn’t mean I can’t wear it, right? This Diet Coke clutch is an exact replica of the real deal, minus the guilt, and I’m lovin’ it. Oh, and the saying, “All that glitters is gold,” rings true with this clutch from Natasha Couture. My love for glitter is like Peter Pan, and I shall never grow out it, ever.



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