IMG_9751 IMG_9742 IMG_9756 IMG_9745 IMG_9830 IMG_9827 Blouse: Joie (similar) | Shorts: J Brand | Wedges: Sam Edelman | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Necklaces: James Michelle (& here) | Tote: Longchamp (ON SALE! ) | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: Vince Camuto, Cara, ASOS, Stella & Dot (& here) | Rings: Stuller, By Boe | Lipstick: MAC “Morange” + Liner: MAC “Boldy Bare” | Nails: China Glaze “Sweet Hook” + Essie “Bikini So Teeny

The tassel obsession continues… I hope it never ends! I already have a few more tasseled tops coming my way via mail! I’ve been busy going through my apartment and gathering up clothes, accessories, shoes, home decor, etc. that I no longer use to make more space. It’s crazy how much stuff you can accumulate without actively trying. While I was in school and interning I didn’t really have time to organize and go through things as much, and it feels so good to not have so much unnecessary stuff in my space. I guess I’m not a candidate for Hoarders: Buried Alive, but my compulsion for getting rid of things might make me a candidate for My Strange Addiction. Have you seen either of those TV shows? They are completely ludicrous and yet strangely captivating.

Pink and orange are one of my absolute favorite color combinations. When I was younger, one of my counselors at camp told me those were my complimentary colors, but I didn’t believe her because I had a Hawaiian Barbie with a pink and orange get-up, and it seemed too flashy. But now, it feels like I’m mixing the best of both worlds, plus it plays off the monochromatic trend because they are so close in the color spectrum! I have to draw attention to these wedges again. I’ve talked about them before but I’m circling back because I have a funny story pertaining to them. I was shopping, more like browsing, at the Nordstrom at Fashion Island in Newport, California, when this lady comes up to me and asks, “Where did you get your wedges?” I told her I bought them at Nordstrom, but I wasn’t sure if they still carried them, so she took a picture of my feet, in my wedges mind you, so she could reference them later. I was completely flattered yet I’m also hoping she doesn’t have some secret foot fetish which I helped spur. I’m kidding, she was totally normal and she definitely asked before she snapped a picture. I hope I helped her find them! 🙂



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