IMG_0439 IMG_0406 IMG_0432 IMG_0396 IMG_0386 IMG_0407 IMG_0399 IMG_0392 IMG_0397 IMG_0436 IMG_0441 IMG_0400 Swimsuit: Seafolly | Sunglasses: Wildfox “La Femme Deluxe” | Hat: Target | Shoes: Sam Edelman “Glinda” | Lipstick: Obsessive Compulsive Lip-Tar “NSFW

Let me tell you, I LOVE a good one-piece! I mean LOVE. And you simply can’t go wrong with a black and white print! So a black and white one-piece is an all around win-win in my book! #WINNING! My absolute favorite thing about one-pieces though are their versatility. They can be sexy, demure, comfortable or just plain convenient. (Like on those days you’re already bloated but that burrito washed down with a coke from lunch makes you look 6 months pregnant. No? Just me? Okay moving on…) It honestly just depends on what purpose you want it to serve. This one I’m currently wearing has a low-cut back, which is flattering for my body type. It also features an adorable bow that ties around the neck! The one thing about swimsuits, I’m sure most of you can attest to this, is that you have to try on many before you find that perfect fit. But once you do, you just know it’s the one for you! 😉



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