Preppy Grunge

IMG_6111 IMG_6146 IMG_6115 IMG_6125 IMG_6123 IMG_6169 IMG_6156 IMG_6158 IMG_6175 IMG_6164 IMG_6166 Sweater: Wildfox | Shorts: Levi’s | Sneaks: Converse | Clutch: Clare V. | Necklace: Blee Inara | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Lippie: MAC “Brave” + “Velvet Teddy” + Liner: MAC “Whirl” | Nails: OPI “Alpine Snow

I saw this sweater at Nordstrom and couldn’t whip out my card fast enough. I already have a few other pieces from the Wildfox x Barbie line seen here and here, but couldn’t resist the darker, edgier feel that emulated from this sweater. I always say my husband is the “Ken to my Barbie” so I thought it was perfect! I may have caved and purchased the hot-pink color as well. I can’t contain myself when it comes to Barbie! It’s really weird, but every time I see anything with the doll’s memorabilia, a squeal from a 5-year-old girl starts ringing in my ears, and then I realize it’s me. That shrill scream is coming from my 24-year-old self. I’m screaming. Out loud. I don’t know if it is the consumerism-style fashion that I have become accustomed to, or if it is just a childhood-fantasy never to depart from my ever-aging body. Probably the latter, since the Barbie aisle at Target is still my favorite. But I promise the infatuation isn’t as intense this girl‘s… How is that even humanly possible?

On another note, I’m graduating today! Typing those words is a bit surreal, because it never seemed this day would come! Yet here I am, and I have to say it’s bittersweet. On on hand, I’m ecstatic that this chapter of my life has come to a close. Yet on the other, although I can’t fathom those emotions right now, there’s a nagging feeling that I’m going to look back on this time with longing. As of right now, it’s 99.9% pure bliss. I’ll keep you posted for when that other 0.1% of wistfulness draws near. I wouldn’t bet on it anytime soon though! To celebrate, my husband, our favorite couple, and I will be heading to Hawaii for one whole week of euphoria. I’ve never been, but I already know I’m going to be in “kalani,” as the ocean is my serenity. Have you ever been to Hawaii? What are some things I “must do” while there?