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Month: January 2015

Leather & Studs

IMG_9295 IMG_9462 IMG_9370

IMG_9441 IMG_9456 IMG_9448

IMG_9457 IMG_9371 IMG_9458 IMG_9317 Blouse: Equipment (similar) | Jacket: Vince (love this)| Pants: Hudson | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ( love these & these) | Purse: Ted Baker (similar) | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Earrings: Baublebar | Bracelets: Nadri, Kate Spade | Rings: Baublebar | Lip: MAC “Candy Yum Yum

Life is tough, so sometimes you’ve got to strap on your studs and leather and roll with it. It is fun to dress up girly but every once in a while you have to switch it up; leather and studs do just the trick. I did incorporate some girly elements to it, though, with the jewels from Baublebar, and MAC lipstick that is the perfect shade of hot pink. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Super Bowl weekend! The only reason I’ll be tuning in is to watch my girl Katy Perry at half-time and that’s about it.



Red Lip Classic

IMG_9248 IMG_9267 IMG_9266 IMG_9250 IMG_9404 IMG_9274 IMG_9429 IMG_9407 IMG_9424 IMG_9256 IMG_9426 IMG_9412 IMG_9405 IMG_9409 IMG_9398 IMG_9420 IMG_9396 Coat: mac & jac (similar) Turtleneck: Vince | Skinnies: J Brand (craving these) | Boots: Frye (shorter heel) | Bag: Alexander Wang | Sunnies: Michael Kors | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: Michael Kors, Seasonal Whispers (similar) | Rings: Stuller, By Boe | Earrings: Baublebar, Gifted | Lippie: MAC “Ruby Woo” + Liner: MAC “Trust in Red” | Nails: OPI “Angel With A Leadfoot“, L’oréal “Because You’re Worth It” + Essie “Golden Nuggets” overtop = (FAVORITE COMBO!)

For this look, I went with the timeless black, white and red combo. I incorporated touches of rose gold in accessories: from the hardware on my purse to my sunglasses and jewelry to keep in line with the clean and classic ensemble. I’ve had this coat for probably 7 years, but of course since I live in Arizona I probably wear it only once a year, if that! And every year or so that I wear it, I receive so many compliments. White and black never goes out of style, so that color palette is prevalent in pieces that I have the most of. I enjoy keeping up with the trends, but I think pieces like this jacket, especially in the color scheme that it is, is one that is worth spending money on because it’s more likely that you will wear it more rather than something that was “cool” one year but the next it’s “out.”

Also, I’m so stinking ecstatic right now because I finally remembered that By Boe is the brand of this gold “forget me knot” ring! My sister, Jessica, bought it as a gift for me for nannying when she went to New York a few years ago, and I had long since thrown away the packaging with the designer’s name on it. What’s even better, though, is that I discovered Forever 21 carries By Boe in their curated shop! Needless to say, I will definitely be stocking up on more of their pieces. By Boe is based in NYC, and I love how all of their pieces reflect that: dainty with modern details. Their pieces are filled with 14k gold/ rose gold or sterling silver, which means high quality yet still affordable. This ring runs for around $30-40! I put a bunch of pieces below that I have my eye on, let me know which is your favorite!



Messy Mohawk Braid Tutorial!

We had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Farnsworth Videography again for this tutorial! We had several requests on a how-to video for this messy mohawk braid that we wore in several different Instagram posts! (P.S., If you’re not following us on our Instagram account you should really get on that! We’re going to be doing another giveaway pretty soon!) We had so much fun making this for you guys, even we were slightly nervous to do so! It’s always a trip for your weird quirkss on camera, but you can only get better with practice, right? Thanks again to Terryl, Jason and Aaron for being the best videographers around! You sure know how to make us look good! 🙂 We look forward to working with you all in the future!


Justine & Krystal

White Lace









IMG_9692 Blouse: Joie (similar) | Jeans: Joe’s Jeans (similar) | Shoes: Rachel Roy (love these) | Purse: Kate Spade (similar) | Earrings: Kate Spade | Bracelets: Nadri, Judith Jack | Rings: Ariella Collection (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Nails: OPI ‘Mod About You’

I love the juxtaposition of lace and ripped denim, it is girly with a just a hint of edginess. I have been saving these glitzy sandals for a while because I just didn’t know what to pair them with. Well, the fact of the matter is that I was trying too hard when trying to put them with other outfits and it never looked quite right. I honestly believe that everything, especially outfits, come together best when they aren’t forced and you don’t over think it too much. Don’t you agree? I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and happy Friday!



Leather & Lace

IMG_9103 IMG_9147 IMG_9117 IMG_9105 IMG_9119

IMG_9142 IMG_9128 IMG_9152 IMG_9132 IMG_9125 IMG_9123 Top: Frenchi (similar) | Skinnies: J Brand (similar) | Jacket: Trouvé (similar) | Boots: Frye | Sunnies: Juicy Couture | Purse: Alexander Wang | Necklace: J. Crew | Earrings: BaubleBar | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: Seasonal Whispers (similar), Michael Kors (on SALE!) | Rings: Gifted | Lips: Lipstick: MAC “Saint Germain” + Lipglass: MAC “Saint Germain

It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn here in Arizona, yet it’s starting to feel like spring! I still have my Christmas decor up, but I say we just blame it on the weather and call it a day. It was actually super warm by the time we took these pictures, which was a bit frustrating since it had been chilly earlier that day! I swear I only wear my long sleeve tops and jackets once before it gets too hot. Sometimes I don’t even get around to wearing them at all! I love this dainty peplum lace blouse. It’s so girly, especially in the pale pink/color that I had to pair it with layers of pearls! But, of course, I had to pull on this draped leather jacket to add a bit of an edge, plus it complimented my boots so well! What’s the weather outside for you? Frightful or delightful?