Victorian Lace

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On her: Top: Free People (similar) | Jeans: J Brand (similar) | Booties: Sam Edelman (similar) | Earrings: Nadri | Rings: Gifted, Marcia Moran (similar) | Bracelet: Stella & Dot

On him: Top: Threads for Thought | Jeans: J Brand | Shoes: Converse | Hat: RVCA

So I originally had my hair half-up for these pictures, but my sister, Jessica suggested I put it up to show off the neckline of this top (which she also gave to me!) and she was so right. I don’t own very many turtle-necks because living in Arizona, it just isn’t necessary and way too hot. And usually when I do, I feel like I’m having an anxiety attack and can’t breathe with something constricting my neck. It’s weird. But this top doesn’t feel like that at all! It’s really loose around the neck and I think the Victorian lace style is so elegant, it basically screams, “Put your hair up!” So, thanks for the suggestion, Jessa!

I had an interesting encounter with a stranger the other day. During a shopping trip some girl decided it was appropriate to call me “ratchet” because I called her out for cutting me in line. She and her friend then proceeded to make fun of the “green” in my hair right behind me. Honestly, it was more funny to me than anything because I am the farthest thing from ratchet. So I just ignored them even though they were basically harassing me in line behind them, it was really immature and honestly makes me sad that grown women act this way, in public. But… the funniest part was that I had JUST called that same sister I was just talking about, Jessica, (by the way I have 5 sisters) telling her my that for some reason my hair didn’t look green anymore. I don’t know why but ever since I colored my hair purple, it takes on a slight shade of blue/green in certain light, especially fluorescent light! It really doesn’t even bother me at all, plus it is sort of mermaid-y. 🙂 So I called her back after being called “ratchet” and them making fun of the green in my hair, and was like, “Just kidding, apparently there’s still some green in there!” and told her the story. Sometimes you just have to laugh, because people are ridiculous.

Sincerely yours,

Rachet Green Hair.