Mixed Metals, Amanda Bynes &… Albert Einstein?

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Top: 3.1 Philip Lim (sold out) similar | Jeans: J Brand (sold out) similar | Sandals: Kate Spade (different color here) | Tote: Street Level | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Watch: Micheal Kors (love this!) | Rings: Gifted | Earrings: Towne & Reese (sold out) similar

So in my last post here I delved into my issues with mixed metals. “Ahhh! It doesn’t match perfectly!” “It doesn’t really go together!” “Silver was sooo 2002! Why is it coming back?” The answer to that rhetorical question? To ruin my life apparently. But really, mixing metals isn’t rocket science. I just made it out to be. Sure, it may have taken some adjusting at first but I’ve since changed my tune and think it can add interest and even look effortlessly cool when you do it right. Lately, I’m wanting to be less perfectionist Justine and more free spirit Justine. I’ll let you know how that goes because it’s still currently a constant tug of war between the two.

I’ve noticed that when I’m being indecisive, I end up over-thinking so much that I’m unable make a decision at all. It’s like my mind shuts down and refuses to take in any more information from being over-processed. Well, the same goes for outfits. When I over-think it, it never ends up looking the way I want it. For example, I’ve had this blouse hanging in my closet, waiting to be taken out to a night on the town. But woe is me, I haven’t been able to find “the perfect outfit” to complete it. However, when I was pulling together outfit ideas for this post, I literally grabbed whatever looked remotely acceptable and crossed my fingers it turned out. You know what I’ve realized? The best outfits are continually the ones I throw together when I’m in a rush and running out the door. The ones that I spend less time analyzing, trying to coordinate every tiny detail, are usually the ones that I think turn out the best in the end.

The same thing applies to my hair. Seriously, I always create my best top knots, buns or pony-tails when I’m not making a conscious effort to look perfect! Then when I go to re-create it later, gone. Takes 93,940,235 tries and I still can’t get it to look the way I did when I put it up in under 10 seconds the previous time. But I suppose that’s the way life works. Sometimes you have to just, “let the chips fall where they may.”

And yes. That is a direct quote from Amanda Bynes in She’s The Man. Speaking of Miss Bynes, what in the world is up with her these days? It makes me really sad actually, because I sincerely thought she would end up differently. She was (is?) clever, funny and seemingly uncaring of anyone else’s opinions of her, and I liked that. But now, just scrolling through a few of her tweets will have you convinced something in her brain has become discombobulated. Much like mine when trying too hard to force the “perfect” outfit. What is perfect anyway? What does it even mean to be “perfect”? The definition of perfection in my dictionary reads much like a warning label: “An unattainable goal that will cause complete and total annihilation of self if attempted. May cause permanent damage of brain cells. Do not try this at home.”

Interestingly enough, Amanda just tweeted this quote by Albert Einstein, “The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I hear ya sister. I think the definition of insanity fits in with my definition of perfection. Maybe they should be synonyms. Maybe they already are.

Whatever. All I know is there’s some weird parallel going on here with Amanda, Einstein and talking about brains. I don’t even know how that happened…




Oxblood Accents

IMG_1030 IMG_1054 IMG_1026 IMG_1047 IMG_1056 IMG_1061 IMG_1058 IMG_1024 IMG_1038 IMG_1062 IMG_1046 IMG_1042 IMG_1039 IMG_1034 IMG_1053 Dress: French Connection (sold out) (similar) | Cardigan: Painted Threads (similar) | Hat: David & Young | Flats: Halogen (sold out) different color | Purse: Street Level | Necklaces: Marcia Moran (sold out) (similar), Stella & Dot | Bracelets: Alex & Ani (& here & here), ASOS (sold out) | Watch: Michael Kors | Rings: Gifted, Marcia Moran (sold out) (similar)

Can I get a what what for all the other 90’s babies out there? This print of this dress screamed 1994 to me for some reason and I can very much dig that. In fact, that’s the main reason I liked it. How crazy is it that 90’s fashion is coming back? My girl Katy Perry can be seen rocking the living daylights out of it like no one else. She basically hits everything out of the park when she does it, but what’s new? I bow down to K not Bey. #sorrynotsorry.

I decided to add an oxblood lightweight cardigan and burgundy felt fedora to contrast the dark navy dress and play up the maroon in the floral print. Plus it’s ONLY 90 degrees in Arizona so that means it’s time for layers guys! (insert heavy sarcasm here) As we were snapping pics my two layers became blankets of death so technically it’s still not acceptable but I gave it the old try so hat’s off to me right? (pun totally intended)

This faux leather tote is totally amazing and best of all completely affordable! It’s reversible and has a wristlet attached inside. I will probably use it on the gold side more, but it’s nice to know I have the option of using the cognac color as well!

Silver is having a bit of a comeback since it too was a thing of the 90’s. But to be completely honest, I’m not totally happy about it because I have SO MUCH GOLD jewelry I’m not ready to part with! Or maybe that’s the OCD in me talking. She’s cringing and shaking her head in disapproval because it doesn’t match PERFECTLY. So right now I’m jumping on the mixing metals bandwagon to smooth my transition from gold back… to… silver? Ugh. I’m just not ready to give up the gold 100% yet, okay? I mean, I’ve mixed metals before but it was child’s play because I was only mixing gold and rose gold. But I’m listening to the free spirit in me instead and she’s all about the big doin’s. I think it worked out pretty well. What do you think?





September Favorites






Purse: Alexander Wang | Headphones: Beats by Dr. Dre | Hat: Phase 3 | Sunglasses: Quay | Wallet: Marc Jacobs Travel Wallet (sold out) similar | Makeup: Urban Decay ‘VICE 3’ |  Urban Decay ‘Illuminated’ | Lipstick: Mac ‘Myth, Mac ‘Rebel’, Too Faced ‘Melted Fuchsia | LipBalm: Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick | Face Cream: Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream | Perfume: Tom Ford ‘Tobacco Vanille’Hair Ties |

My September favorites… where should I begin? There is a plethora of them to choose from and all are winners in my opinion! Let’s get this party started.


First, there is the tried and true MAC lipsticks. Myth is one of my all time favorites and I love that you can wear it alone or over other lipsticks. Rebel is a newer one to me but perfect for fall! The color is the prettiest shade of deep reddish purple.

I believe I have already mentioned how much I adore the Too Faced Melted Fuchsia! It goes on perfect and lasts a long time.

I can’t forget the lip balm that I put on before my lipsticks! It’s the most important step if you ask me. It has a refreshing scent and quenches my parched, Arizona lips.


For that illuminated look I have started using the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated. I tend to apply it to my décolletage more than my face, but it enhances your already beautiful skin.

If your wondering what is that crinkly tube of cream… I am not ashamed it’s obviously used because it is literally THE BEST face cream I have ever tried. I love the rose scent and the rich consistency so a little goes a long way. This tube has lasted me several months. I put this on before I apply my makeup and it makes my skin smell like fresh cut roses. If Jennifer Lopez uses it then you better believe that I will be too!


So here’s the thing, I simply can’t get enough of eyeshadow palettes! The idea that you get so many gorgeous colors in one compact palette sings to my soul. I already have the ‘Vice 2’ palette and couldn’t wait until I could get my hands on this little magnificent piece of art.

I’ve also already talked about these sunglasses from Quay. But just to reiterate, they’re super affordable and come in such a wide variety styles! They’re too good of a bargain to pass up on.


I’m new to the hat arena. Solely because my head is on the smaller size and finding a floppy that didn’t look ridiculous on me was unbelievably difficult. The struggle is real. This one is was on the smaller side, so I can pull it off without looking like a child playing dress up. (YAY!)

BEATS! I’m a little late to the party with these but now that I have them can I just say, I GET IT. My music sounds crystal clear, like I’m attending a private concert.

Do you see those sparkly things laying around? Those would be my hair ties that I use every day. No joke. EVERY. DAY. They don’t leave creases in your hair and they come in so many bright colors and patterns I’m like a kid in a candy store.


TOM FORD … the end. But really though, I have no words for this perfume and othing compares. The notes of ginger, tobacco leaves, clove, fruit wood sap, and vanilla, make the smell distinct, warm, and smooth.


The classic and durable Alexander Wang. I chose the bucket bag because I liked the look and it was different from my other handbag shapes. The paring of supple leather and rose gold hardware adds edginess and looks rad.